A screening is a mini-evaluation in a single area of concern. The focus is determined based on the initial intake and phone consultation prior to the scheduled session. The clinician administers a brief assessment and shares the results with the family. Goals to be addressed are explained and frequency/duration of therapy sessions decided upon with the family. A feeding screening involves a separate protocol, which can be discussed in more detail during the consultation.


The evaluation process includes at least two areas of concern, such as speech production, receptive/expressive language skills, and/or play development. A standardized assessment is administered to determine strengths and weaknesses, leading to appropriate recommendations for therapy. Evaluation rates will thus vary due to the intricacies of each individual case. If deemed necessary, feeding may be included as a supplement.

Department of Education

I am not affiliated with the DOE. I do, however, offer independent evaluations that can be used to demonstrate the need for speech-language and/or feeding services. If you are using a special education attorney, I will gladly work with your counsel throughout the evaluation procedure. The process includes an in-office standardized assessment, a school visit/classroom observation, parent interview, and additional interviews with appropriate education professionals. All findings are expressed in the final report.